June Spotlight Artist-Judy Hintz Cox


“Miracles in Your Sleep”   Acrylic/resin on canvas   40″x 48″

“Working as an artist has been an ongoing journey. My relationship with my creativity is like all my relationships. There are moments of bliss and moments of pain. But I wouldn’t know the bliss if I didn’t have the pain.” -Judy Hintz Cox

        Judy Hintz Cox is a contemporary painter and mixed media artist who started painting thirty years ago while living in South America after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador. Her work is described as atmospheric and abstract with a variety of visual textures and occasionally text incorporated into her pieces. Her main goal with her work is to evoke any kind of emotion from the viewers.

        Judy Hintz Cox has had her work displayed in over 60 exhibitions including single, dual, and group shows, her first shows being in Peru and Brazil.

“Living with art is an escape from the sufferings of life. Forget the soap operas, just sit with an abstract painting or sculpture and let your mind drift and dream.” – Judy Hintz Cox


“To Do”  Mixed media on canvas   36″x 40″

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MEANWELL at Malton!

Canyon Waterfall

Jack Meanwell Color’s our WORLD!

Meanwell is known for his abstract expressionism and this collection of magnificent work is now at Malton Gallery. A proud Canadian, he expressed his love of the great outdoors in vivid hues. The actual size of the pieces draw you into his world, and you want to immerse yourself in the grandness of place….the richness of the beauty seemingly surrounding you. Jack loved Cincinnati. He and his wife lived here during the school year and he taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Summers, however, drew them home to Canada and to his hometown which he loved. Please join us on May 21, 2016 from 11am -5pm to experience the Meanwell’s for yourself. FREE to the PUBLIC.

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July Artist Spotlight-Nadia Arditti

Sculptress, Nadia Arditti, is one of Turkey’s most prominent sculptors! She is known for  Moonlight 15 her soft curved women & birds and they have become the hallmark of sculpture in Turkey. Nadia’s frequent themes are freedom and journeys, often emotional and full of connections.

Nadia’s mother was 104 years old when she died.  She had migrated from the Aegean Island of Crete to Turkey. The program against non-Muslins, in Istanbul, forced the family to move to Switzerland in 1955. Nadia was only seven years old at the time. Nadia’s work really reveres the strength of women and their ability to cope and adapt, but also their unflagging Spirit and love that bears all! Nadia’s mother never got to see her precious island again but Nadia moved to the region several years ago, seeking peace where her family began their migration. Turkey inspired Nadia to branch out from drawing to sculpting and her passion for it grew so much that drawing took a back seat. She felt that sculpture afforded her the freedom she was looking for in artistic expression.

Malton Art Gallery is pleased to offer you the incredible bronze sculptures of Nadia Arditti. Brenda

Moonlight 18

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Malton Art Gallery Announces All-Star Baseball Exhibit & Sale

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAll Star Vision_254x250

(June 15, 2015, Cincinnati)  The Malton Art Gallery of Hyde Park, Cincinnati is proud to announce an extraordinary baseball-themed exhibit featuring VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY, ANIMATION ARTWORK AND AUTOGRAPHED MEMORABILIA  July 7th-25th, 2015.

The Malton Art Gallery Exhibition and Sale features the vintage baseball photographs from the late-great Sarge Marsh.  Marsh was the photographer of choice in Cincinnati for 6 decades.  His photos of the Cincinnati Reds capture exciting moments in Cincinnati Baseball history. The Collection will be released to the public for the first time ever in this extraordinary exhibition!

Available, will be vintage photographs featuring  many baseball HOFers including, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams, while Warner Bros’ cast of characters (including Bugs Bunny, Tasmanian Devil, and Tweety Bird (dressed in their favorite team uniforms) will color the walls of the gallery.  Additionally, the exhibit features individual baseballs autographed by numerous HOFers, as well as by the starting-8 members of The Big Red Machine, and never-before seen autographed collectibles in an All-Star art gallery setting.

At the exhibit, you will find coveted memorabilia from Classic Moments Collectables….an extremely rare check written and signed by Babe Ruth, as well as a typed letter written by Satchel Paige to his girlfriend are just some of the treasures.  Other featured items include signed baseball lithographs from the Bill Purdom Collection and a the just released set of Baseball themed tiles from the historic Rookwood Pottery.

Collaborations with Malton Art Gallery neighboring restaurants, Seasons 52 and The Capital Grill ensures some great refreshments, giveaways and coupons for complementary appetizers.

Special Gallery Exhibit Hours for July 7-25 are: Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm & Saturday: 11am-6pm

Media Contact:
Sylvia Rombis at the Malton Gallery  (513)321-8614  srombis@maltonartgallery.com
Malton Art Gallery
3804 Edwards Road
Cincinnati, OH  45209


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Sarge Marsh, Famed Cincinnati Commercial Photographer

Sarge Marsh’s commercial instincts surfaced when, as a schoolboy photographer, he Sarge Marsh-Book Frontcharged his neighbors $1 for portraits of their snow-covered houses. That humble beginning presaged his long career as Cincinnati’s preeminent commercial photographer.

It began with a makeshift darkroom in his family’s fruit cellar and by midcentury he was presiding over a small Fourth street empire of thirty employees. He also kept his photography origins, working for the associated press and Times World Photos, as well as shooting newsreels for Warner-Pathe and Fox Movietone.

While all that was a story in itself, the real Sarge Marsh story was buried in the work, hidden until the abiding interest of art gallery owner Mike Wilger, who bought the Marsh negative collection a few years before Marsh’s death in 2003, at age 87. Attempting to create order out of thousands of negatives stuffed randomly in old file cabinets and cardboard boxes, Wilger began to see-amidst the documentation of big building projects for construction companies and studio portraiture-a photographic history of Cincinnati at the height of its urban life.

It was what John Fleischman calls “,a found portrait, when Cincinnati was the regional capital, the sun that powered its own financial, retail, cultural, entertainment and media solar system.” And that system was what Marsh-whose camera gave him unparalled access and familiarity-unwittingly documented.

His first major aesthetic documentation was the Great Flood of 1937, and his last the building of Riverfront Stadium. In Between were the pictures of Crosley (both the field and the car), Rose and Bench, old Coney Island, Union terminal, the great downtown theatres, and a pre-computer portrait of how people worked in the mid-century: men sweating in their shirtsleeves and women sitting in front of enormous switchboards or processing checks on antediluvian sorting machines.

In Marsh’s universe, movie stars and politicians came and went, the sidewalks were thronged day & night, the inclines still ran up the hills to Mt. Adams, and the airplanes still had propellers.

Sarge Marsh created a portrait of Cincinnati radiating a brash postwar American style that seemed to be spreading around the globe-and Sarge Marsh’s final greatest exhibit.

Taken from the ORANGE FRAZER PRESS, Wilmington, Ohio

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June Artist Spotlight-Susan Schuler

Susan Schuler views abstract art as “a living thing!” Her large, bold canvases DSC04075captivate you and draw you into her world. Susan infuses her travels and experiences into the paintbrush, and that translates into a lush love of life in the moment. Brilliant oranges, golden yellows, burnt sienna and vibrant red burst from the canvases from out West. Fuscia, indigo, lemon yellow, pink & sap greens hail you to the markets in Cuba. Her canvases reflect the rhythm of her life and the maturity of a highly talented artist. Besides all this, Susan is a lovely woman who gives her time & talent  to encourage other’s art. As soon as you meet her, you feel you have known her forever & that you’re already friends. Malton Art Gallery will be hosting a show of Susan’s new work in November 2015. Watch for more information and dates in upcoming newsletters.  Brenda
Chaco Canyonvientodelrio

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Malton Art Gallery Now Representing Toni Swarthout

Malton Art Gallery is very proud to now represent Toni Swarthout. Toni’s work is collectedReaching by businesses and private collectors throughout the USA. Toni “explores her work by removing judgement from the creative process and embracing the fluid nature of reacting to paint in the natural ways inside and outside of the studio.” Her work is vibrant and lyrical in quality. You feel that you have entered the enchanted forest. When you meet Toni, you immediately understand why her work speaks with a lightness of “being.” Toni has an aura of one who loves life and especially outdoor life! Toni is an “avid hiker” and loves everything that is “nature” inspired. She says that” art is a necessary component of life, either directly or indirectly.” She believes that it “plays a big role in the balance of life.” Drop in to Malton Art Gallery and view this artist’s dynamic work!  Brenda

Earth RhythmsSun Kissed

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May Artist Spotlight-Justin Bernhardt

Justin’s paintings reflect on the nature of light, water, substance and the possibilities of emenate ahuman perception. Water is receptive, healing, life giving; and we are water. He uses a high gloss surface to give the sense of looking through, giving added depth, and creating a filter that simulates the properties of water. The reflective potential of water can echo the human psyche, which mirrors and resonates with the universe around and within. The inherent movement and refraction of light on water can be a microcosm for the ever changing, vibrant flow of life.

Our perception is what connects us with the outside world; and that perception can move beyond the five senses into the realms of the mind and emotion. Through visual discoveries he seeks to turn inward and bring awareness to the essential rhythms that flow through all entities. As the earth, the cosmos, and ourselves shimmer in constant flux, he attempts to find calmness and comfort in that ever changing predicament, perhaps touching on an eternal state that creates and maintains harmony and balance.

Justin believes there is a state where awareness merges with the object, and only the experience remains. He blurs the boundaries between self and setting. His paintings strive toward unifying the self by making the viewer more aware of the subtle and profound elemental systems that operate around and through each of us. He seeks to portray not only the “object” or “thing”, but more essentially, he explores the energies that move and connect all things together.


Pattern Pool

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April Artist Spotlight-Sculptor, Alice Kiderman

Malton Art Gallery is very fortunate to represent award winning sculptor, Alice Kiderman.7.Dreaming (F)JPG Alice was born in Russia and is trained as a linguist and educator. She gradually changed her career path and followed her passion for stone carving and sculpting. She explores themes of feminine and masculine, relationships and human emotion. Her chisel and hammer have been giving “birth” to serene elegance ever since.

In 2011, Alice was selected to participate in Florence Biennale, in Florence, Italy.  A high honor offered to a very select few in the world! She has also been featured in many art magazines such as “When Stone Speaks”, the “Sun Courier” and “Art in America.’

Her work has been acquired by numerous public & private collections such as “The Putnam Sculpture Collection” & “Vacuum Systems International.”

Kiderman’s work has a Henry Moore feeling and form but her work is softer, more luminous and clearly soulful. Her collective works are imbued with quiet magic, serenity and can reasonably be seen as a metaphor for the history of us!   Brenda

Mother and Child bronze edition of 6 5.Surrender (side view), marble

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Exhibition features newly released artworks from award-winning book and runs May 9-May 30 at Malton Art Gallery. The Art of Dr. Seuss

In celebration of the Independent Book Publisher’s award-winning book, Dr. Seuss’s Secrets of the Deep: The Lost, Forgotten, and Hidden Works of Theodor Seuss Geisel, we proudly announce an exhibition commemorating this prized volume. The Secrets of the Deep Art Exhibition presents a series of Estate authorized works adapted from Ted Geisel’s original drawings, paintings, and sculpture. This historic collection has opened the world’s eyes to the extraordinary artistic talent of Dr. Seuss and will be available for viewing and purchase through the run of the exhibition.

This exhibition offers an insider’s view of Dr. Seuss’s little known private works; the windows to the world of an unassuming genius. Artistically, they embody a magical combination of the person and persona of Ted Geisel and Dr. Seuss.

MALTON ART GALLERY features original paintings, sculpture, and limited edition fine art prints in diverse styles. The award winning gallery has been in business since 1974 representing over 100 artists from around the world.

  • Location: 3804 Edwards Road    Cincinnati  Ohio  45209
  • Hours: The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 to 5pm and by appointment.
  • Admission: Free

About the Exhibition:

For over 70 years, Theodor Seuss Geisel’s illustrations brought a visual realization to his fantastic imaginary worlds. However, his artistic talent went far beyond the printed page. Ted Geisel’s “Secret Art,” the paintings and sculptures created at night for his own personal enjoyment, were rarely if ever exhibited during his lifetime. Seuss always dreamed of sharing these works with his fans and had entrusted his wife, Audrey, to carry out his wishes once he was gone. Audrey, too, believed the work deserved further recognition and that Ted himself would one day be evaluated not only as an author, but also as an artist in his own right. In 1997 this dream was realized when The Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched. For the first time, authorized estate editions were re-created from Geisel’s original drawings, paintings, and sculpture for private collection and museum exhibition. Audrey Geisel (Mrs. Dr. Seuss) writes in her introduction to the Secrets of the Deep book, “It is with great pleasure that I share Ted, his art, his imagination, and his boundless creativity. I’m gratified to carry out Ted’s wishes and have these works revealed to the world.”


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