June Artist Spotlight-Susan Schuler

Susan Schuler views abstract art as “a living thing!” Her large, bold canvases DSC04075captivate you and draw you into her world. Susan infuses her travels and experiences into the paintbrush, and that translates into a lush love of life in the moment. Brilliant oranges, golden yellows, burnt sienna and vibrant red burst from the canvases from out West. Fuscia, indigo, lemon yellow, pink & sap greens hail you to the markets in Cuba. Her canvases reflect the rhythm of her life and the maturity of a highly talented artist. Besides all this, Susan is a lovely woman who gives her time & talent  to encourage other’s art. As soon as you meet her, you feel you have known her forever & that you’re already friends. Malton Art Gallery will be hosting a show of Susan’s new work in November 2015. Watch for more information and dates in upcoming newsletters.  Brenda
Chaco Canyonvientodelrio

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