May Artist Spotlight-Justin Bernhardt

Justin’s paintings reflect on the nature of light, water, substance and the possibilities of emenate ahuman perception. Water is receptive, healing, life giving; and we are water. He uses a high gloss surface to give the sense of looking through, giving added depth, and creating a filter that simulates the properties of water. The reflective potential of water can echo the human psyche, which mirrors and resonates with the universe around and within. The inherent movement and refraction of light on water can be a microcosm for the ever changing, vibrant flow of life.

Our perception is what connects us with the outside world; and that perception can move beyond the five senses into the realms of the mind and emotion. Through visual discoveries he seeks to turn inward and bring awareness to the essential rhythms that flow through all entities. As the earth, the cosmos, and ourselves shimmer in constant flux, he attempts to find calmness and comfort in that ever changing predicament, perhaps touching on an eternal state that creates and maintains harmony and balance.

Justin believes there is a state where awareness merges with the object, and only the experience remains. He blurs the boundaries between self and setting. His paintings strive toward unifying the self by making the viewer more aware of the subtle and profound elemental systems that operate around and through each of us. He seeks to portray not only the “object” or “thing”, but more essentially, he explores the energies that move and connect all things together.


Pattern Pool

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