Malton Art Gallery Now Representing Toni Swarthout

Malton Art Gallery is very proud to now represent Toni Swarthout. Toni’s work is collectedReaching by businesses and private collectors throughout the USA. Toni “explores her work by removing judgement from the creative process and embracing the fluid nature of reacting to paint in the natural ways inside and outside of the studio.” Her work is vibrant and lyrical in quality. You feel that you have entered the enchanted forest. When you meet Toni, you immediately understand why her work speaks with a lightness of “being.” Toni has an aura of one who loves life and especially outdoor life! Toni is an “avid hiker” and loves everything that is “nature” inspired. She says that” art is a necessary component of life, either directly or indirectly.” She believes that it “plays a big role in the balance of life.” Drop in to Malton Art Gallery and view this artist’s dynamic work!  Brenda

Earth RhythmsSun Kissed

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