July Artist Spotlight-Nadia Arditti

Sculptress, Nadia Arditti, is one of Turkey’s most prominent sculptors! She is known for  Moonlight 15 her soft curved women & birds and they have become the hallmark of sculpture in Turkey. Nadia’s frequent themes are freedom and journeys, often emotional and full of connections.

Nadia’s mother was 104 years old when she died.  She had migrated from the Aegean Island of Crete to Turkey. The program against non-Muslins, in Istanbul, forced the family to move to Switzerland in 1955. Nadia was only seven years old at the time. Nadia’s work really reveres the strength of women and their ability to cope and adapt, but also their unflagging Spirit and love that bears all! Nadia’s mother never got to see her precious island again but Nadia moved to the region several years ago, seeking peace where her family began their migration. Turkey inspired Nadia to branch out from drawing to sculpting and her passion for it grew so much that drawing took a back seat. She felt that sculpture afforded her the freedom she was looking for in artistic expression.

Malton Art Gallery is pleased to offer you the incredible bronze sculptures of Nadia Arditti. Brenda

Moonlight 18

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