April Artist Spotlight-Sculptor, Alice Kiderman

Malton Art Gallery is very fortunate to represent award winning sculptor, Alice Kiderman.7.Dreaming (F)JPG Alice was born in Russia and is trained as a linguist and educator. She gradually changed her career path and followed her passion for stone carving and sculpting. She explores themes of feminine and masculine, relationships and human emotion. Her chisel and hammer have been giving “birth” to serene elegance ever since.

In 2011, Alice was selected to participate in Florence Biennale, in Florence, Italy.  A high honor offered to a very select few in the world! She has also been featured in many art magazines such as “When Stone Speaks”, the “Sun Courier” and “Art in America.’

Her work has been acquired by numerous public & private collections such as “The Putnam Sculpture Collection” & “Vacuum Systems International.”

Kiderman’s work has a Henry Moore feeling and form but her work is softer, more luminous and clearly soulful. Her collective works are imbued with quiet magic, serenity and can reasonably be seen as a metaphor for the history of us!   Brenda

Mother and Child bronze edition of 6 5.Surrender (side view), marble

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