June Spotlight Artist-Judy Hintz Cox


“Miracles in Your Sleep”   Acrylic/resin on canvas   40″x 48″

“Working as an artist has been an ongoing journey. My relationship with my creativity is like all my relationships. There are moments of bliss and moments of pain. But I wouldn’t know the bliss if I didn’t have the pain.” -Judy Hintz Cox

        Judy Hintz Cox is a contemporary painter and mixed media artist who started painting thirty years ago while living in South America after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador. Her work is described as atmospheric and abstract with a variety of visual textures and occasionally text incorporated into her pieces. Her main goal with her work is to evoke any kind of emotion from the viewers.

        Judy Hintz Cox has had her work displayed in over 60 exhibitions including single, dual, and group shows, her first shows being in Peru and Brazil.

“Living with art is an escape from the sufferings of life. Forget the soap operas, just sit with an abstract painting or sculpture and let your mind drift and dream.” – Judy Hintz Cox


“To Do”  Mixed media on canvas   36″x 40″

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