March Artist Spotlight-Suzanne Sidebottom

We are so fortunate to add Suzanne Sidebottom to our family of esteemed artists! Suzanne Sidebottom_basketworks with porcelain to create these incredible sculptures and her experience in “trompe l’oeil” has really assisted her in moving forward with her vision for the current pieces! Suzanne has earned a Surdna Fellowship in addition to her college education and has spent twenty five years in art education. She credits her earlier works in clay and experimentation with glazes, paints, stamps and other media for the polished work she now presents. If you touch her hand-built sculptures you can feel the three delicate layers of clay slabs used to create the piece. Suzanne is a true master of clay & porcelain! Drop in to see all her extraordinary works at Malton Art Gallery.


Sidebottom_history book


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Healing Art for Children’s Hospital

Childrens Hospital InstallPelletierTraven_04One of our objectives at the Malton Art Gallery is to bring intriguing and joyful art to the public. I have helped many entities, parks, corporations, and health organizations by conceptualizing, producing and installing art for public enjoyment. We all know that art is the creative spirit of humanity and that art resonates with people in a very powerful and healing way.

One of my favorite and most meaningful projects is the series of sculptures we developed for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  The project involved the placement of grand scaled sculptural art in the 4th floor roof garden.  The roof garden was situated between two wings of the building, the garden surrounded on 3 sides by the hospital complex.  There were many floors above the roof garden with windows from patient rooms looking down at the garden.  Via a collaborative effort between the Malton Art Gallery, the hospital committee and the branding firm, three sculptural concepts were conceptualized and produced to awesome effect.  A wonderful and colorful mobile that was suspended on wire cables over the garden.  This piece called “Celestial” moves gently in the wind; twirling and spinning…almost like giant confetti falling from the sky!  The second piece was called “Celestial Waves”.  This sculpture was a light panel with a series of undulating waves on its surface.  At night, the sculpture twinkles and looks like a starlit night.  The third piece was the “Celestial Tower”, a 13 foot metal tube with fanciful stars cut into the metal allowing the light to shine through like shooting stars.

Of course the garden turned out beautifully, but the best part of it all was to design a concept that delights and entertains the children at the hospital.  No matter their condition and regardless of their ability to actually visit the rooftop garden, they can enjoy the garden from their window both day and night from their rooms…they can look out, imagine and have their own Artful Moment!  Sylvia

Childrens Hospital Install_2

Childrens Hospital Install_3jpg

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February Featured Artist-Gayla Hodson

This gallery contains 3 photos.

We are proud to say that every day at Malton Art Gallery, is Valentine’s Day. Artist Gayla Hodson is a fine example of “Art with a Heart!” Her vibrant color palette and brilliantly finished works are sought after here and … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Post Modernist-Richard Allan George

This gallery contains 2 photos.

A fine art professional deals with many extraordinary artists throughout their career.  I have been blessed to have more than a handful gracing the walls of the Malton Art Gallery and eventually the homes of our collector clients. Richard Allan … Continue reading

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In the Malton Art Gallery Window

Today we have a wonderful piece of abstract art for artist Josh Parrott in our window. Organic and colorful, this painting will keep the eye moving and the experience of viewing constantly interesting.  A great option for an entry or a great room!

We have several of Josh’s paintings available…stop in for a look see.




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The POWERFUL IMPACT of Abstract Art

This gallery contains 1 photo.

As an art professional, the most asked question by far is “…but what does it mean…what is it?” This is especially true in abstract art, Abstract Expressionism in particular. There are many reasons why we create art: to tell a … Continue reading

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What’s New in the Gallery?

At Malton Art Gallery we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality Fine Art and Art Services. We offer a comprehensive, curated selection of art in all mediums in our  beautiful, light filled Art Gallery located at 3804 Edwards … Continue reading

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A Word of Thanks from Sylvia

Sylvia Rombis, Owner, Malton Art GalleryOne of the most wonderful blessings in life is to be a part of the  arts.  The “creative output of humanity” is a treasure, and it is an honor and a pleasure for me to represent the art of over 100 artists in the gallery.  Our 40 years as the Malton Gallery is a testament to the commitment put forth to offer the best in contemporary art to our clients, locally and globally.

The real validation, however, comes from you, our wonderful clients and appreciators, who have decided that you will live your lives artfully and support the gallery and its artists!  Be sure to stop in soon and take a look…the gallery is fresh and new with art arriving daily.  There is always something to marvel at and invariably something that just has to be a part of your lives!

Enjoy the blessings of an artful life this season! Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Malton Gallery Team!


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Visit Malton Art Gallery this Weekend at Design Build Cincy


You’re Invited to Attend Design Build Cincy this Weekend at Music Hall OTR

The show features over 125 high end interior designers, architects, artisans and custom builders, displaying the latest trends and colors. Get to know local artisans and be inspired to fill your home with fabulous art!

When:  Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 1-2, 2014   10am-5pm

Where: Cincinnati Music Hall 1241 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, Second floor Grand Ballroom

For more information: 513.321.8614;

Purchase Tickets 

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