Healing Art for Children’s Hospital

Childrens Hospital InstallPelletierTraven_04One of our objectives at the Malton Art Gallery is to bring intriguing and joyful art to the public. I have helped many entities, parks, corporations, and health organizations by conceptualizing, producing and installing art for public enjoyment. We all know that art is the creative spirit of humanity and that art resonates with people in a very powerful and healing way.

One of my favorite and most meaningful projects is the series of sculptures we developed for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  The project involved the placement of grand scaled sculptural art in the 4th floor roof garden.  The roof garden was situated between two wings of the building, the garden surrounded on 3 sides by the hospital complex.  There were many floors above the roof garden with windows from patient rooms looking down at the garden.  Via a collaborative effort between the Malton Art Gallery, the hospital committee and the branding firm, three sculptural concepts were conceptualized and produced to awesome effect.  A wonderful and colorful mobile that was suspended on wire cables over the garden.  This piece called “Celestial” moves gently in the wind; twirling and spinning…almost like giant confetti falling from the sky!  The second piece was called “Celestial Waves”.  This sculpture was a light panel with a series of undulating waves on its surface.  At night, the sculpture twinkles and looks like a starlit night.  The third piece was the “Celestial Tower”, a 13 foot metal tube with fanciful stars cut into the metal allowing the light to shine through like shooting stars.

Of course the garden turned out beautifully, but the best part of it all was to design a concept that delights and entertains the children at the hospital.  No matter their condition and regardless of their ability to actually visit the rooftop garden, they can enjoy the garden from their window both day and night from their rooms…they can look out, imagine and have their own Artful Moment!  Sylvia

Childrens Hospital Install_2

Childrens Hospital Install_3jpg

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