A Word of Thanks from Sylvia

Sylvia Rombis, Owner, Malton Art GalleryOne of the most wonderful blessings in life is to be a part of the  arts.  The “creative output of humanity” is a treasure, and it is an honor and a pleasure for me to represent the art of over 100 artists in the gallery.  Our 40 years as the Malton Gallery is a testament to the commitment put forth to offer the best in contemporary art to our clients, locally and globally.

The real validation, however, comes from you, our wonderful clients and appreciators, who have decided that you will live your lives artfully and support the gallery and its artists!  Be sure to stop in soon and take a look…the gallery is fresh and new with art arriving daily.  There is always something to marvel at and invariably something that just has to be a part of your lives!

Enjoy the blessings of an artful life this season! Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Malton Gallery Team!


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